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Brainwave Pattern Learning
Thoughtform Corporation is developing a Software Brain Operating System (BOS) for Android Smartphones and Smart Glasses with Brainwave EEG Sensors.

Hello. My name is Dan Cook, and I received my Ph.D. in Physics from UC Berkeley in 1993, and then studied Cognitive Neuroscience in 1994 at UC San Diego.  In 1995 I began working with a team of talented scientists and engineers to develop personalized self-tuning brainwave interpretation software.  Since 1997 our advanced wave pattern signal discovery software has been used in several different industries.  Now in 2013 we are launching Eye Mynd, LLC to create a really powerful Brain Operating System (BOS) to accurately interpret the realtime brainwave packets measured by the sensitive EEG sensors in the new Smart Glasses, Smart Hats, and Thinking Caps being developed currently by others.

This new EyeMynd BOS Software will help the new Thinking Cap Wearable Hardware Products with Brainwave EEG Sensors be able to communicate much more clearly and accurately with your smartphone to give you hands-free & voice-free control of all your apps so you can play video games, communicate, and surf the web by thought alone.  We are still developing this EyeMynd BOS Software Product and we are configuring it to run smoothly with the new Wearable Hardware Products being developed by others.  We are making good progress, so we expect to get these exciting new products into your hands and onto your head in 2014.

Our new Eye Mynd BOS software product incorporates our powerful new EEG Single Trial Signal (STS) Technology.  This STS Technology is the Master Key that unlocks the door to really fast and accurate Brain Computer Interface (BCI) software so you can move cursors and play games quickly and accurately by moving nothing but your own brainwaves.  This exciting new STS Technology is a powerful sub-second brainwave packet technology that changes everything!

Let's work creatively together to develop a Brainwave Operating System (BOS) software product that is really great and useful for all of us.  We appreciate your suggestions, contributions, and support.  Please share your creative ideas with us at ideas@thoughtform.com.

From Brainwaves to Seismic Waves to Bodywaves ....

... waves are a part of our world; and waves are also a part of our bodies and brains.  Let's work together to create a really fast and powerful Brainwave Operating System (BOS) so we can run our smartphone apps, play video games, communicate, and surf the web by thought alone!