Enhancing market readiness for an innovative new healthcare company



Building a path to commercialization

HM Home and Community Services (HM HCS) had developed a highly effective solution for optimizing post-acute provider networks and care delivery, and was looking toward their commercial launch. They knew they offered great value but needed to define and articulate their offering, approach, and brand. 

Combining design-based methods with deep expertise in healthcare, ThoughtForm guided the HM HCS team through a collaborative process that helped them articulate a strong brand and differentiated market position, while building a deep alignment to a common vision. As a result, HM HCS was relaunched as Helion, and was able to go to market swiftly with a robust story and offerings.

Who did we help?

Helion is a best-in-class solutions-driven healthcare technology and services provider focusing on home and community care.

The Helion solution is built on this core idea: Through the added intelligence we bring, provider organizations can deliver better network performance for payers, while payers can provide compensation to providers that reflect their true value. Best of all, patients receive better care and improved experience.

ThoughtForm educated Helion and instilled best practices in terms of how we think about go-to-market, defining value to our stakeholders, creating offering architectures, and much more.
Shima Arab

Director of Strategy Development, Helion

What did we do?

Built alignment across the organization: ThoughtForm inventoried the qualities of Helion’s new organization—its people, its culture, its work ethic—and its business goals. ThoughtForm worked with the team to define Helion’s core values, mission, vision, and key value propositions. 

Created brand and identity: Once everyone was aligned on mission, vision, and values, we convened key stakeholders to co-create a brand that uniquely reflected those ideas. We also developed communication tools to help customers understand Helion’s solutions, strengths, and competitive advantages. 

Visualized complex business processes and ideas: To help health plans and home healthcare providers understand how Helion’s offerings are different, ThoughtForm worked with their team to articulate how their service processes work at multiple levels. Foglifters®, one-page visual explanations, bring these processes to life and reveal the value they deliver. 

Shaped an integrated solution: ThoughtForm worked with the Helion team to develop a market-facing architecture for its offerings based on two key value drivers that we named Care Intelligence and Performance Intelligence. We collaborated with Helion teams to build a clear hierarchy of products and services enabled customers to recognize solution that would work for them. 

How did we help?

ThoughtForm helped the team align on a shared mission and vision, and define their key value propositions. Building on this foundation, we developed a powerful visual brand with messaging that positions Helion as a leader. To prepare Helion for launch, we also helped them structure and detail a comprehensive suite of services. Throughout the process, we modeled a collaborative way of working that was adopted by the Helion team. 

What did we create?

Alignment and direction: The success of a company or culture depends on alignment behind a shared mission. Over a month, ThoughtForm guided Helion through the development of mission, vision, values and how they communicated their offerings; the sharpening of their strategic intent; and even ways of working.

A strong brand: Helion needs to be seen as an agile, innovative, forward-thinking leader by key stakeholders in the home and health care industry. To do that, ThoughtForm created branding and key messaging that reveals Helion’s value to the market and positions it as an instant leader in its category.

A clear offering: Helion offers a wide range of solutions, each covering a distinct need in the home and community care marketplace. The challenge for Helion was how to articulate what they deliver and sell it effectively. ThoughtForm worked with the Helion team to structure and detail their offering suite, and illustrate its full value.

Easy-to-communicate value: Using Foglifters—one-page visual explanations—ThoughtForm provided Helion customers and stakeholders with a rapid and engaging orientation to Helion that makes its innovation and value easily apparent. This makes both selling and onboarding a new customer much easier.