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Charting a Path to the Future: HM Health Solutions

HM Health Solutions (HMHS) delivers business solutions to health plan payers so they can run their organizations efficiently in a competitive and ever-changing market. By offering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled industry knowledge, HMHS meets the many operational needs of health plan payers. HMHS is partnered with 12 health plans serving 10 million members. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, HMHS has more than 3,500 employees.


Each year, HM Health Solutions (HMHS) holds joint planning sessions with its health plan partners to define a set portfolio of initiatives that grow and continuously improve HMHS’ leading product: the Enterprise Health Solution.

HMHS used different approaches to joint strategic planning, but had yet to find the right one. Consultants needed a facilitation process that would help them to efficiently collect the information they needed to build a consensus-driven portfolio that worked for all investing partners.


ThoughtForm has almost 40 years of facilitation and business design experience, as well as a long-standing partnership with HMHS. ThoughtForm drew on this expertise to create a custom design-based facilitation approach for HMHS: a series of design techniques, visual thinking exercises, and custom methods that HMHS consultants used to optimize the portfolio panning process. In 2017 alone, HMHS consultants used the facilitation approach to generate a portfolio of initiatives worth over $150 million in new capabilities.

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Our Approach

Created a suite of facilitation exercises and a custom facilitation toolkit to support HMHS consultants during planning sessions.

Conducted two facilitation workshops to train HMHS consultants on design-based facilitation best practices.

Helped HMHS consultants prepare for joint strategic planning sessions by hosting mock planning exercises.

ThoughtForm's unique approach to facilitation helped us to optimize planning time with our partners and provide more value. The process of developing our portfolio was collaborative and enjoyable—something our partners appreciated.

Tina Satterfield, VP, Commercial Markets, HM Health Solutions

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