How can an organization reposition itself as relevant and integral to the needs of its target audiences?



Building a mission-driven healthtech brand

Modernizing a brand can reveal a company’s true relevance and give it a new way to talk to customers and recruits about its vision and value. HM Health Solutions (HMHS), a subsidiary of Highmark Health, provides advanced smart automation and healthtech solutions to health plans and their provider partners, yet was perceived as lagging the market. Now rebranded as enGen, the company can represent itself to customers and potential employees as the leader it truly is.

The organization formerly called HM Health Solutions provides healthtech solutions for health plans, but its brand and messaging no longer communicated the true significance of its role to customers and potential employees. ThoughtForm worked with their team to understand targets, mission, strengths, and goals—then translated that understanding into an entirely new brand that has begun to reestablish the company as a leader in its field.

The challenge of an aging brand

In a rapidly changing market like healthcare, a brand can seem out of date in as little as a few years. As the organization evolves and market trends change, colors no longer look fresh, taglines seem off-base, and brand names can fall out of step with the group’s mission. Depending on how much equity the brand retains in the marketplace, the right solution may be anything from a light refresh to a total redesign.

This transformation not only revitalized our standing in the market—it also instilled a sense of purpose among our team of “enGeneers."
Chris Cowman

Vice President of Strategy

Creating a brand that works

ThoughtForm led a brand development process that deeply involved the HMHS team at every stage. Throughout, we facilitated a dialogue among many HMHS stakeholders—who sometimes had very different opinions on where the brand needed to go. Together, we laid the groundwork for meaningful discussion, evaluated creative concepts, and brought it all together into a cohesive new brand that fully reflects the organization’s capabilities. Best of all, the process resulted in strong alignment and excitement among the entire HMHS team—now operating under their new name: enGen.

A winning brand and positioning

Working on very tight timing, ThoughtForm developed a striking and well-received new brand and positioning, as well as a well-aligned mission and vision, value propositions, and reasons to believe. A concise set of brand guidelines enables enGen to apply the new brand to a wide range of communications while maintaining its visual quality and consistency.