• Norm Goldberg

    Norm Goldberg

    Principal, Strategist and Designer
  • Steve Frank

    Steve Frank

    Principal, Director of Business Development

Design is a human-centered discipline, and we see people as the heart of our work. That’s why we care so much about our team.

We’re a team of thoughtful and inquisitive people who share a belief in the power of design and clarity to solve tough communication problems. When you work with ThoughtForm, you get more than a well-executed deliverable. You get nearly 40 years of industry expertise and award-winning strategic thinking. Most importantly, you get peace of mind knowing that we’ve met your problem before, and we know the way to tame it.

  • Anna Mihalko

    Anna Mihalko

    Financial Manager, Shareholder
  • Doris Zurawka

    Doris Zurawka

    Project Logistics Manager, Shareholder
  • John Sotirakis

    John Sotirakis

    Strategist and Designer, Shareholder
  • Lynnette Kelley

    Lynnette Kelley

    Operations Manager, Shareholder
  • Nancy Herzing

    Nancy Herzing

    Strategist and Designer, Shareholder
  • Alex Russo

    Alex Russo

    Project Manager
  • Brandy Peightal

    Brandy Peightal

    Project Manager
  • Cullyn Thomson

    Cullyn Thomson

  • Gwyn Cready

    Gwyn Cready

  • Jack Kelley

    Jack Kelley

    Image Specialist
  • Jonathan Ruggieri

    Jonathan Ruggieri

    Director of Client Experience, Project Manager
  • Lindsay Quinter

    Lindsay Quinter

    Strategist and Designer
  • Maeve Ruggieri

    Maeve Ruggieri

    Strategist and Writer
  • Marisa Boevers

    Marisa Boevers

    Director of Marketing
  • Monica Alisse

    Monica Alisse

  • Nancy Yagesh

    Nancy Yagesh

    Administrative Specialist
  • Sydney Bennett

    Sydney Bennett



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