eBook Download: The Problem with Meetings

For most of us, meetings are part of our everyday work lives. Companies of all sizes and industries have a variety of meetings, for all kinds of reasons. Yet, there is a very common problem with meetings.

  • Organizations hold more than 3 billion meetings each year.
  • Executives spend 40-50% of their working hours in meetings.
  • 90% of attendees admit to day-dreaming during meetings.

When a meeting is bad, it’s really bad. The meting leaves participants feeling drained, bored, and wondering what they were just subjected to. It creates confusion, frustration, and division. And unfortunately, it often brings productivity to a grinding halt.

But when a meeting is good, it’s really good. The meeting leaves participants feeling energized and inspired. It unites teams around a common goal. Often, the session helps participants achieve greater productivity in an hour (or day, or week) than participants would’ve achieved on their own.


Use our guide to defeat the problem with meetings

We use visual thinking to help our clients end bad meetings once and for all. You can find many of ThoughtForm’s techniques in our eBook, “The Problem with Meetings.”

Visual thinking makes meetings more collaborative. It gives everyone the time and space to share ideas—and to respectfully challenge assumptions. It gives participants an active role so they stay focused and on-task. Conversations are more efficient and productive, because misunderstandings are limited and ideas are made real.

Download your free copy of “The Problem with Meetings” below.