A key part of business is strategy and planning: you want to figure out where you want to go, how you might expand, what you might change to improve. With luck, this upstream work results in downstream action and execution. And action requires instruction. Optimally, instructions that create value.

Instructions that create value

Let’s imagine you’ve developed a new product line or system. You might need to develop a specification guide to help your distributors understand it or explain how to properly order. Or perhaps you’ve launched a new service within your company. You might have to explain the steps to operationalize it within each department. Or imagine you’re going to sell a new type of beverage or technology. In that case, you might need to teach your team on how to make it, install it, or maintain it.

Instructions tell users the steps needed to accomplish something. But they can also help your users drive value beyond simple instruction. Powerful instructions that create value illuminate the benefits of your product or service, engage users in a delightful or thoughtful experience, increase information recall, and demonstrate your understanding of your users’ world.

Shifting how you approach instructions can help you not only be more clear and effective, but also reinforce your business/product/service’s value.

Download our visual whitepaper “Instructions that add value” to learn how you can guide your internal teams, partners, and customers via instructions in a more impactful way.