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HM Health Solutions

HM Health Solutions was launched in 2014 by its parent company Highmark Health, as a solutions-focused subsidiary, using knowledge developed over 75 years at health plan affiliate, Highmark Inc. HM Health Solutions provides expertise to Highmark Inc. and a growing number of other health plans.

HM Health Solutions offers print, data, and infrastructure solutions, along with its leading product: the Enterprise Health Solution. The Enterprise Health Solution is an integrated suite of people, processes, and a platform that supports all aspects of a health plan’s operations. HM Health Solutions’ clients run their businesses using the Enterprise Health Solution to achieve growth, reduce costs, and gain economies of scale.


When HM Health Solutions launched its Enterprise Health Solution in 2014, it needed to create client-centric communications that demonstrated the Solution’s unique offering and its differentiated position in the market.


ThoughtForm helped HM Health Solutions clearly explain its offering and unique value proposition. We worked with them to create visualizations, training, branding, and communication resources to differentiate their solution in the market and reinforce HM Health Solutions’ dedication to its clients. Because of our cross-business visibility, long-term relationship, and deep expertise with its parent, Highmark Health, we were able to quickly prepare HM Health Solutions for a successful launch.

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Our Approach

Created an offering structure and nomenclature that reinforced HM Health Solutions' client-focused culture.

Positioned and differentiated a new, integrated solution and business model in a market dominated by one-off products.

Visualized complex business processes to give clients the big picture.

Through our collaboration with ThoughtForm, HM Health Solutions can easily provide our clients in the health care industry with a clear and concise view of complex business processes.

Tina Satterfield, VP of Marketing, HM Health Solutions

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