Perfecting the B2B Sales Pitch

The science of sales tells us that to successfully complete a sale, customers need to first agree with the seller about the nature of a problem, and second, imagine how their lives would be better once that problem is solved. Research also tells us that emotions persuade most people, not necessarily facts. So, it makes sense that an effective sales pitch will include an emotional appeal about how a customer’s life will be improved. And for selling products to individual consumers this may be the right strategy.

But, does the same hold true in an expertise-driven B2B sale, like those concerning professional services or technology? Does an outcome-based emotional appeal work for a buyer who is evaluating a consultant or software-as-service provider? Perhaps. But you probably need a little more.


Adapting your pitch for the B2B sale

B2B customers have a much deeper vetting process and are far more informed about what they’re buying. Tell potential clients not just about the value you create, but how you do it. This step is crucial to building trust and differentiating yourself from the competition. It may seem obvious, but many sales pitches forget to show customers what’s going on under the hood, or worse, explain their expertise in the form of insider speak and jargon. By not clearly explaining about their ‘how’, sales teams are missing a huge opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, and build trust with their audience.

Today, sales is not a smarmy, duplicitous con, but instead about framing problems and offering deep insight and real solutions. As marketing guru Seth Godin says:

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t. “

If you want to learn more about how to structure a successful B2B sales pitch, download our one-page guide below.