Cullyn Thomson Joins ThoughtForm

Cullyn Thomson is our newest hire, joining our content team. Cullyn believes that the stories we tell each other (and ourselves) shape the way we experience the world. At ThoughtForm, she immerses herself in her projects to gain a deep understanding of her clients’ processes, purposes, and motivations, then weaves these threads together to create a meaningful whole. She loves asking “Why?” and relishes the opportunity to solve complex problems through clear language and precise design.

Prior to joining ThoughtForm, Cullyn worked at Grant Street Group, where she helped to design and support two Software-as-a-Service applications. Through her many responsibilities at GSG – technical writer, interface designer, marketer, project manager, software tester, and business analyst – Cullyn learned to bridge the gap between the technical and the general, finding the “sweet spot” for audience-oriented communication.

Cullyn graduated Summa Cum Laude from Denison University with a BA in English Literature and a minor in French.