Webinar: Using Visual Thinking for Better Meetings

For most of us, meetings are part of our everyday work life.
When a meeting is good, it’s really good. It leaves participants feeling energized and inspired. It unites teams around a common goal and purpose. It results in more productivity in an hour, a day, or a week than the team would’ve had in twice that amount of time on their own.

And when a meeting is bad, it’s really bad. It leaves participants feeling drained and bored and wondering what they were just subjected to. It creates confusion, frustration, and division. It brings productivity to a grinding halt.

At ThoughtForm, we often hear from clients that our meetings and workshops are unlike any they’ve ever attended. Whether we’re hosting a client for a workshop or gathering as an internal team to brainstorm approaching, we leverage visual thinking to make the most of our time together. Without a doubt, it makes our meetings more effective and efficient. Participants are more deeply engaged in the conversation, which allows them to build understanding quickly. They feel inspired to get together, get creative, and get things done.

In this 60 minute webinar, we share our tips and exercises for using visual thinking to plan, execute, and document better meetings.

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