In our nearly 40 years of experience, we’ve found that businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries often struggle with the same problem: they aren’t great at communicating complex ideas. And it’s not for lack of trying. Many just don’t have the special expertise that’s needed to be great communicators.

But that doesn’t mean that complexity can be avoided or pushed aside. Complex ideas arise from a variety of pivotal changes: market disruption, shifting business models, new product launches, growing consumer expectations, and more. Businesses know that they need to scale innovation, create new customer journeys, and support digital transformation—but they don’t always know how to get their staff and audiences on the same page, moving forward together. And that’s where ThoughtForm comes in.

We work with clients from multi-national corporations to small non-profits to engage internal and external audiences, get them the information they need, and help create action. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out with an idea or if you already have a robust product strategy that needs to be implemented. We’re here to help transform complex ideas into clear, engaging, and beautifully designed solutions that make a true impact on your business.

We help companies clarify their complexity through four key communication strategies: Champion Big Ideas, Support Transformation, Shape Perception, and Educate Consumers.

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Our communication designs stand apart because of the process we use to bring them to life. Our process has two main phases: shape and share. In the shape phase, we define the audience, methods, and front-end strategy. In the share phase, we bring it all together with memorable execution. While many design and communication firms thrive in one of those phases, we make the greatest impact when we can do both: shape the fuzzy front end and share it in a way that truly creates value.


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